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Save on Electricity Bills and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Solar Panels in Christchurch

15 Jul 2024

Solar Living is dedicated to providing Christchurch and Canterbury residents with high-quality solar photovoltaic systems that help reduce electricity bills, lower carbon footprints, and add value to homes and properties. With a range of services including sales, installation, and maintenance, Solar Living offers homeowners and businesses the opportunity to harness New Zealand's world-class solar resources. Photovoltaic solar panels installed by their expert team ensure energy independence and freedom from ever-rising electricity rates.

Solar Panel Quote Christchurch

Generating electricity through solar power provides numerous financial and environmental benefits. Homeowners and businesses can see immediate reductions in their electricity costs thanks to the efficient performance of Solar Living’s top-tier products, including Hopergy Mountings, Jinko Solar Modules, and Enasolar Inverters. Additionally, the capital value of a property increases with the installation of a reliable solar panel system. Their photovoltaic systems require minimal maintenance and come with robust warranties, ensuring long-term, hassle-free operation.

Commercial Solar Power Christchurch

Solar Living makes the switch to solar energy effortless with free on-site inspections and customised quotes for solar panel installations across greater Christchurch. Whether for residential, commercial, or rural properties, their experienced team guides customers through the easy installation process, providing tailored solutions to meet specific energy requirements. By choosing Solar Living, residents can contribute to a cleaner, greener New Zealand while enjoying the economic benefits of reduced power bills and enhanced property value.

Photovoltaic Solar Christchurch

Huge Discounts on Women's and Men's Running Shoes at Sports Clearance Land!

15 Jul 2024

Discover unbeatable savings and exceptional value at Sports Clearance Land, where you'll find a vast selection of discount athletic shoes to meet all your fitness needs. Whether you're on the hunt for new balance women's running shoes clearance, or high-performance Hoka running shoes women's clearance, there's something for every athlete at unbeatable prices. Sports enthusiasts looking to score exceptional deals can explore our extensive range of clearance Asics women's running shoes, ensuring top-quality performance without breaking the bank.

Cheap Hoka Running Shoes

For those in search of affordable and durable options, Sports Clearance Land offers an impressive collection, including cheap Hoka running shoes and discount Asics trainers. Men can take advantage of our asics men's running shoes clearance, cheap men's trail running shoes, and adidas running shoes men's clearance, guaranteeing premium footwear at discounted rates. And it doesn’t stop there; our collection of children's trainers sale ensures that the entire family can enjoy quality, discounted athletic shoes, preparing everyone for their next adventure.

Men's Athletic Shoes Clearance

Ladies searching for great deals will love our wide range of cheap women's trainers and women's trail running shoes clearance. Our discount running shoes and discount trail running shoes ensure that all runners find what they need to stay active, all while saving money. From cheap tennis shoes to Adidas runners for women, and new balance clearance items, Sports Clearance Land is your go-to source for fantastic offers on top-brand sports footwear. So, lace up the perfect pair today and enjoy the thrill of running with the best shoes at the best prices.

Cheap Asics Running Shoes

Find Affordable Appliance Rentals and Fridge Hire Options Near You

14 Jul 2024

***Discover SEO: Appliances 4 Rent***

Commercial Refrigerator Rental Near Me

SEO: Appliances 4 Rent specialises in providing high-quality appliance rentals tailored to meet both individual and commercial needs. Those looking to lease a fridge or hire commercial freezer units will find a variety of options designed to enhance convenience and productivity. The service extends to "freezer rental near me" searches, ensuring quick access to essential commercial bar refrigeration equipment and commercial fridge rental solutions. Look no further for immediate and local solutions to your appliance needs, delivered with professionalism and ease.

Washing Machine For Rent Near Me

For those in Christchurch, SEO: Appliances 4 Rent is the go-to choice for appliance rental services. With a wide selection including washing machine rentals, dryer rentals, and washer dryer combo units, customers are guaranteed seamless and efficient laundry solutions. The company’s appliance rental service in Christchurch also encompasses local appliance rentals and specialised washing machine hire. Whether you're seeking individual units or full commercial refrigerator setups, SEO: Appliances 4 Rent provides reliable and convenient rental options that cater to every customer’s unique requirements.

Tv For Rent Near Me

Entertainment needs are also catered for, with large TV screen hires and TV rental options readily available. For those searching for "tv rental places" or "TV for rent near me," the company ensures an effortless rental experience. By offering a range of high-quality products, SEO: Appliances 4 Rent stands as one of the leading appliance rental companies in Christchurch. Trust in a service that prioritises your convenience, making it easy to access and lease the latest appliances and technology suited to both your personal and professional environment.

Dryer Rental Near Me

Motorbike Training Across Christchurch and Taranaki for Safe, Confident Riding

14 Jul 2024

At Carz n Bikez Training, riders of all levels can gain lifetime riding skills that maximise safety and enjoyment. Offering motorcycle training in Christchurch, Canterbury, New Plymouth, and Taranaki, Carz n Bikez provides comprehensive courses tailored to individual needs. From the first motorcycle lesson to preparing for the basic handling skills test or the CBTA, this training service ensures every rider feels confident and competent on the road. Choose from a variety of **motorcycle lessons in Christchurch** and reap the benefits of expert guidance.

Motorbike Lessons Christchurch

Carz n Bikez Training excels in building confidence for both beginners and advanced riders who might need a refresher course or additional training. With numerous **motorbike lessons in Christchurch** and New Plymouth, their friendly and professional trainers provide support and personalised coaching to refine your riding skills. Whether seeking a **motorcycle licence in Christchurch** or simply aiming to upskill, their bespoke motorcycle training packages offer something for everyone.

Basic Handling Skills Test

Safety is a cornerstone at Carz n Bikez Training, which is why they prioritise comprehensive and engaging coaching. Riders can conveniently enrol in courses through their online booking system and take advantage of their excellent package deals. Whether you're aiming to pass your **motorcycle learners test** or enhance your riding prowess through advanced classes, Carz n Bikez is dedicated to helping you "Be Safe, Be Seen, and Have Fun." Book your **motorcycle training in New Plymouth** or Christchurch today and start your journey towards becoming a skilled and confident rider.

Motorcycle Learners Test

Explore Quality Flooring Solutions in Wellington & Christchurch: Hardwood, Laminate, Leather, Timber, and Bamboo Flooring.

13 Jul 2024

At Flooring Central (Wgtn & Chch), customers in Wellington and Christchurch can explore a wide array of high-quality flooring options that suit any style or budget. The business offers an impressive selection of hardwood flooring, perfect for those seeking a timeless and durable solution for their homes. Customers can also find elegant and sturdy laminate flooring, ideal for achieving a refined look without compromising on practicality. Whether it’s timber, bamboo, or even innovative leather flooring, there are plenty of choices available to meet the diverse needs of homeowners in both cities.

Bamboo Flooring Wellington

Those in Lower Hutt and Kapiti are also in luck, as Flooring Central caters specifically to these areas with a fantastic range of timber and bamboo flooring. These materials not only add a touch of natural beauty to any room but also ensure longevity and resilience under daily use. Engage with a flooring business in Wellington or Christchurch that prides itself on exceptional customer service and a broad selection of flooring products designed to transform any living space.

Timber Flooring Wellington

From traditional hardwood and modern laminate to luxurious leather, Flooring Central has options that will elevate the look and feel of homes or offices. The flooring business is committed to providing top-quality products and expert advice, helping customers make informed decisions based on their specific needs and preferences. Visit Flooring Central in Wellington or Christchurch today and discover the flooring solution that perfectly complements your personal style and enhances the value of your property.

Timber Flooring Lower Hutt

Affordable Concrete & Paving – Expert Asphalt and Concrete Services in Christchurch for Homes and Businesses

13 Jul 2024

SEO: Affordable Concrete & Paving prides itself on offering an extensive range of professional services that cater to both residential and commercial needs. Specialising in everything from asphalt driveways in Christchurch to commercial concrete services, they ensure every project is handled with utmost care, professionalism, and efficiency. Whether you're contemplating the cost to pour a concrete driveway, or seeking decorative concrete specialists who can elevate the aesthetic appeal of your property, this business provides tailored solutions that fit both your vision and budget. Their team of experienced concrete design specialists is dedicated to delivering durable and visually striking driveways and patios, making your outdoor spaces both functional and beautiful.

Asphalt Christchurch

For homeowners looking for high-quality residential driveway design, SEO: Affordable Concrete & Paving is a trusted name. They offer a variety of types of concrete driveways and residential asphalt driveways that can withstand daily wear and tear while adding to the curb appeal of your home. Looking at the asphalt driveway cost? You'll find their pricing transparent and competitive. Their landscape contractors in Christchurch also ensure that your project not only meets practical needs but also enhances the overall aesthetic of your property. From concrete sealing services in Christchurch to installing concrete kerbs, they cover all aspects of your requirements, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.

Driveways And Patios

Business owners can also benefit from their expertise, including concrete repairs in West Melton and precise concrete crack repair. They understand the importance of maintaining the integrity and appearance of commercial spaces. Whether you need durable concrete in Rolleston or expert asphalt services in Christchurch, their comprehensive solutions are designed to meet high standards of quality. Additionally, their work in suburban areas such as Christchurch, Rolleston, and West Melton assures you reach across a wide geographical area, ensuring prompt and efficient service regardless of your location. Trust SEO: Affordable Concrete & Paving for reliable, affordable, and high-quality paving solutions that stand the test of time.

Commercial Concrete Services

Precision Commercial Joinery for Retail, Workspace, and Hotels Across New Zealand

13 Jul 2024

Focused Joinery Ltd specialises in delivering exceptional commercial joinery solutions across New Zealand. Based in Christchurch, the company ensures high-quality craftsmanship for retail fit-outs, corporate office re-branding, and bespoke packages for hotel refurbishments. Their state-of-the-art joinery factory in Christchurch is equipped with the latest machinery, enabling them to produce custom, high-end joinery that seamlessly integrates into any shop, hotel room, or corporate office. For businesses seeking commercial joinery in Dunedin, Queenstown, or Nelson, Focused Joinery Ltd offers precision and consistency, ensuring that every project is completed to the highest standard.

Joinery Factory Christchurch

Clients looking for commercial fitouts in Christchurch will find Focused Joinery Ltd's services particularly beneficial. The experienced team understands the need for swift turnaround times, especially for large, multi-location projects. By meticulously focusing on the finer details and adhering to stringent processes, they minimise disruptions and deliver superior finishes. Whether it’s custom office furniture, retail joinery fit-outs, or hotel joinery packages, the company provides solutions that meet diverse commercial needs while maintaining competitive prices. With a promise of clear communication throughout the project, clients can expect seamless execution from start to finish.

Custom Office Furniture Christchurch

From shop fittings in Christchurch to hotel fitouts throughout New Zealand, Focused Joinery Ltd is dedicated to transforming client visions into reality. Their expertise in commercial joinery and commitment to client satisfaction is evident in their comprehensive range of services, including custom reception desks and interior fittings. Businesses seeking commercial fitout solutions can rely on their consistent quality and timely delivery. Contact Focused Joinery Ltd today at their Christchurch head office to discuss your project requirements and experience their dedication to getting it right the first time.

Custom Reception Desk Christchurch

Transforming Concrete Pools with Expert Renovations Across Christchurch, Wanaka, and Queenstown.

11 Jul 2024

Swimming Pool Coatings is renowned for its comprehensive swimming pool renovations and expert resurfacing services across Christchurch and Canterbury. Specialising in concrete pool finishes, the company delivers high-quality transformations for residential homeowners, schools, hotels, and recreation centres. Utilising premium materials such as Diamond Brite and Durazzo, Swimming Pool Coatings ensures a durable and aesthetically pleasing finish, whether it’s for a new look or essential pool refurbishment needs.

Pool Resurfacing Company Christchurch

For those considering concrete pool renovations in Christchurch or Wanaka, Swimming Pool Coatings provides tailored solutions to suit every project. Their skilled team excels in various finishes, from exposed aggregate to elegant white marble plaster, ensuring a perfect match for your design aspirations. Recognised as a trusted pool resurfacing company in Christchurch and Queenstown, Swimming Pool Coatings stands out for their meticulous workmanship and reliable service, making them a preferred choice among pool builders throughout the South Island.

Durazzo Pool Finish Christchurch

In addition to resurfacing, Swimming Pool Coatings offers comprehensive pool tiling services, including pool tiling in Christchurch and swimming pool tile replacement in Queenstown. Whether it’s laying new water-level tiles for a unique personal touch or conducting a full tile renovation, their expert pool tilers ensure a flawless result. No matter where you are in the South Island, Swimming Pool Coatings combines expertise with top-tier materials to bring your pool vision to life, all while keeping refurbishment costs competitive and transparent.

Pool Tilers Queenstown

Comprehensive Plumbing and Gas Services Throughout Christchurch, from Renowned Master Plumbers with Over 30 Years of Experience

8 Jul 2024

MWO Plumbing & Gas stands out as a leading plumber in Christchurch, providing top-quality plumbing and gas services tailored to meet individual needs. Catering to both residential builds, renovations, and commercial construction, this plumbing company in Christchurch is renowned for its comprehensive solutions. With over 30 years of industry experience, MWO’s master plumbers offer exceptional workmanship, ensuring customer satisfaction in every project. Whether planning a complete plumbing renovation in Christchurch or requiring efficient EQC repairs, MWO Plumbing & Gas guarantees reliable and professional services.

Commercial Plumbing Services Christchurch

Specialising in a range of services, MWO Plumbing & Gas is equipped to handle everything from hot water cylinder replacements to advanced backflow prevention installation in Christchurch. Their certified gas fitters excel in gas installation and repairs, ensuring safe and efficient heating and hot water solutions throughout Christchurch. Additionally, the team is proficient in fitting and maintaining water filters, providing clean drinking water for homes and businesses alike. Customers looking for dependable solutions can trust MWO’s expertise in maintaining and upgrading their water systems.

Master Plumbers Christchurch

Understanding the importance of reliability, MWO Plumbing & Gas offers commercial plumbing services in Christchurch, ensuring businesses run smoothly without plumbing disruptions. The team’s commitment extends beyond just plumbing and gas fitting; they provide preventive measures to maintain the integrity of water systems with professional backflow prevention services. Their transparent plumbing repair costs in Christchurch, coupled with guaranteed workmanship, make MWO Plumbing & Gas the go-to choice for anyone seeking efficient and trustworthy plumbing solutions in the area.

Plumber Gas Fitter Christchurch

Discover Affordable Original & Large Abstract Wall Art in Christchurch, NZ - Perfect for Home Staging and Modern Spaces.

8 Jul 2024

Art Above offers an exceptional collection of **abstract paintings in NZ**, showcasing breathtaking pieces that bring vibrancy to any space. For those looking for **large abstract wall art in NZ**, Art Above satisfies with stunning, oversized canvases designed to transform interiors. Whether you're redecorating your living room or adding flair to your office, the wide variety ensures there's something for every taste. The user-friendly online store simplifies the process, allowing you to **buy affordable art online** from the comfort of your home.

Art For Sale Christchurch NZ

Especially popular are the **colourful wall art prints** available at Art Above, which infuse modern aesthetics with lively hues, adding life and personality to any room. For residents of Christchurch, this treasure trove of **large framed prints in NZ** and other **original wall art** is just a click or a visit away. Additionally, if you're in the process of selling your home, Art Above’s **art for staging a home** can help create an inviting atmosphere that captivates potential buyers.

Abstract Art Prints Online

For those who prefer not to purchase, Art Above also offers **art hire** services, ideal for events, exhibitions, or temporary decor. Real estate professionals can benefit significantly from **home staging artwork** that uplifts a property’s appeal. With a plethora of options in **large canvas prints in NZ** and more, Art Above stands as a key resource for elevating any space. Explore their offerings, and discover how affordable, high-quality, **original art for sale in NZ** can enhance your environment.

Buy Affordable Art Online

Your One-Stop Shop in Christchurch for Metal Polishing, Sandblasting, and Finishing Services

7 Jul 2024

Escort Metal Polishers stands as Christchurch's premier metal finishing company, boasting five decades of industry experience. Located conveniently at 21 Maldon St, Sydenham, the business offers comprehensive services including commercial metal polishing, household item restoration, and intricate church ornament polishing. Their expertise extends to both in-house and on-site services, ensuring they can meet the needs of a wide range of clients, whether for commercial sandblasting or household metal polishing. The team’s commitment to excellence ensures that every project is completed to the highest standards, leaving customers truly delighted with the results.

Metal Finishing Company Christchurch

For automotive enthusiasts and marine aficionados, Escort Metal Polishers offers unmatched services in auto restoration and marine metal restoration. Partnering with car owners, panel beaters, and car restorers, the company focuses on bringing classic bikes and cars back to their former glory, making use of their specialist knowledge in automotive chrome plating. From sandblasting and polishing to finishing touches, they ensure each vehicle they work on is transformed into a showpiece. Additionally, boat sandblasting services are available to keep marine metal in pristine condition, providing durability and shine.

Metal Polishing Christchurch

Escort Metal Polishers is the trusted destination for any metal finishing needs, regardless of the scale or complexity of the task. Their expertise in commercial sandblasting includes refurbishing signage, handrails, and shop fittings, making them an ideal choice for business renovations. The household metal polishing services breathe new life into everyday items, ensuring everything from kitchen fixtures to decorative pieces shine like new. Dedicated to maintaining a standard of excellence, the skilled team at Escort Metal Polishers takes pride in their comprehensive range of services, making them the go-to metal polishers in Christchurch.

Industrial Finishing Christchurch

Experience Authentic Farm Stays and Premium Livestock at Murray Downs Farm Near Christchurch

7 Jul 2024

Murray Downs Farm offers an exceptional farmstay experience just outside Christchurch, in the scenic locale of Amberley. Situated on a sprawling 650-hectare working farm, visitors can immerse themselves in the charm of a traditional Canterbury farm, while enjoying modern comforts. The farm's long-standing commitment to extensive, sustainable farming practices ensures a tranquil environment, where every guest can truly connect with nature. Whether you’re a local or travelling from overseas, a stay at Murray Downs Farm provides a unique opportunity to experience countryside living first-hand.

Farmstay Near Christchurch New Zealand

Not only an idyllic farmstay destination, Murray Downs Farm is also renowned for its pedigree livestock. Since the early 1990s, the farm has been dedicated to breeding quality Texel Sheep and Murray Grey Cattle. These breeds are celebrated for their robust health, excellent yields, and easy temperament, making them ideal for both meat and breeding industries. For those in the market, the farm offers purebred pedigree animals, with experienced farmers available to guide you through the benefits and specifics of these esteemed breeds for your own farming needs.

Beef Cattle For Sale Christchurch

When it comes to maintaining and expanding your livestock, Murray Downs Farm has you covered. With top-notch Texel sheep for sale and Murray Grey cattle available for transportation across New Zealand, the farm caters to a variety of farming needs. The Murray Downs team is ready to assist with all enquiries, ensuring you receive personalised, knowledgeable support. From providing farm accommodation in NZ to being a trusted source for livestock in Christchurch, Murray Downs Farm stands as a pillar of quality and reliability in the industry. To learn more, don't hesitate to get in touch with the team for further details and assistance.

Livestock Breeders Christchurch

Complete Landscaping Solutions for Christchurch and Canterbury: Design, Decks, Irrigation, and More

5 Jul 2024

For those searching for premier landscape design and construction services in Christchurch and Canterbury, Greenscapes is the solution. Offering a complete landscaping package from design to execution, Greenscapes specialises in transforming outdoor spaces into stunning landscapes. Whether it’s creating a bespoke garden landscape design or constructing a deck to complement your backyard, Greenscapes’ team of qualified professionals utilise their extensive experience to bring your vision to life. Customers can expect top-quality work and professional service at every step of the process.

Landscaping Christchurch

Greenscapes is not just about creating beautiful gardens; they also offer comprehensive garden services including plant supply and planting, new lawn installations, and efficient garden irrigation systems. Homeowners across Canterbury can benefit from their expertise in garden irrigation systems tailored to maintain the health of their lawns and gardens year-round. For those with smaller garden spaces, Greenscapes provides tailored small garden design solutions that make the most out of every inch of your space, enhancing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Garden Irrigation Systems Canterbury

Customers looking for reliable and expert backyard landscaping in Christchurch will find Greenscapes more than capable. The company also offers project management services to smoothly coordinate all aspects of your landscaping projects, ensuring timely and satisfactory completion. Alongside their impressive landscaping services, Greenscapes offers complimentary quotes within 24 hours of enquiry for clients in the Canterbury region. This commitment to customer service, combined with their extensive experience, makes Greenscapes the go-to landscapers for residents in Christchurch and beyond.

Landscapers Christchurch

Reliable Plumbing Solutions for Residential, Commercial, and Light Industrial Needs Across Christchurch

5 Jul 2024

BC Plumbers stands out as your reliable, local plumbing company in Christchurch. Offering comprehensive plumbing services across residential, commercial, and light industrial sectors, BC Plumbers is dedicated to providing high-quality solutions tailored to each client's needs. Whether you are planning a renovation, need a new plumbing installation, or require regular maintenance, the skilled team at BC Plumbers ensures each job is completed to impeccable standards. Residents and businesses throughout the Canterbury region trust BC Plumbers to keep their properties leak-free and well-maintained.

Backflow Preventer Christchurch

For homeowners in Christchurch, BC Plumbers delivers a full spectrum of residential plumbing services. From emergency repairs and routine maintenance to extensive renovations and new build installations, their team addresses all plumbing needs efficiently and effectively. Every task, whether it's unblocking a drain or installing a sophisticated backflow prevention device, is handled with utmost professionalism and care. Choosing BC Plumbers means peace of mind; knowing expert plumbers are only a call away to keep your home’s plumbing in top shape.

Plumbing Maintenance Christchurch

Commercial and light industrial clients can also rely on BC Plumbers for top-tier plumbing solutions. Serving a diverse range of industries including offices, rest homes, and the hospitality sector, BC Plumbers provides installation, repair, and maintenance services designed to meet the specific demands of businesses. Their expertise extends to handling the complex requirements of commercial plumbing systems, ensuring a smooth, uninterrupted operation of your facilities. Trust BC Plumbers for high-quality, durable plumbing solutions that support your business’s success.

Plumbing Renovations Christchurch

Beautiful Eyebrows in Christchurch: Expert Microblading, Powder Brows, and Henna by Kacey Louise at Louise Glamour.

3 Jul 2024

Louise Glamour, located in Spreydon, Christchurch, is the go-to destination for achieving flawless brows. Renowned as the best brow specialist in Christchurch, the studio is led by Kacey Louise, who is skilled in a range of eyebrow treatments. Whether looking for microblading, powder brows, or a combination of procedures, clients can trust Kacey to provide personalised advice for the perfect look. Additionally, the studio offers natural henna brows—a suitable option for all hair colours and skin tones, providing a long-lasting finish for up to six weeks. For those interested in meticulous eyebrow maintenance and reshaping, Louise Glamour is the place to achieve beautifully crafted brows.

Henna Eyebrows Christchurch

For anyone considering the innovative world of cosmetic tattooing, Kacey Louise’s expertise in microblading and powder brows promises unmatched results. Microblading Christchurch is ideal for those wanting fine, hair-like strokes to fill in sparse areas, while powder brows provide a soft, shaded look. With appointments that fill up quickly, it’s advisable to book well in advance, especially for special occasions needing that perfect brow finish. For a natural approach, the salon’s henna brows offer a stunning, lasting alternative to traditional tints, making them an ideal choice for covering grey and white hairs.

Microblading Christchurch

Beyond cosmetic tattooing, Louise Glamour excels in comprehensive eyebrow maintenance. From professional reshaping to complete brow rehabilitation, Kacey tailors each session to fit individual needs based on precise eye measurements. This personalised approach ensures each client leaves with the confidence that their eyebrows not only suit their facial structure but also enhance their overall appearance. If you’re seeking the best eyebrow specialist in Christchurch, look no further than Louise Glamour for expert services that cater specifically to your beauty goals.

Henna Brows Christchurch

Comprehensive Fire Protection Solutions from Smart Alarms to Life-Saving Extinguishers for South Auckland and Taupo Businesses.

1 Jul 2024

For comprehensive fire safety solutions, Simply Fire is the go-to fire protection equipment company in New Zealand. Specialising in both fire alarm installation in South Auckland and Taupō, Simply Fire ensures your business is safeguarded with the latest technology and expertise. Whether it's an automatic fire alarm system or a full-scale commercial fire fighting system for your building, Simply Fire’s commercial fire system services provide peace of mind and robust protection against potential fire hazards.

Fire Alarm And Sprinkler System

Their offerings extend to a wide array of fire protection products and services, including fire alarm and sprinkler system installations, commercial fire extinguisher provision, and thorough fire extinguisher testing. They cater to unique needs with bespoke passive fire solutions and systems designed to slow the spread of fire and smoke, giving occupants crucial time to evacuate safely. For commercial buildings, their fire protection services also cover fire extinguisher alarm systems and passive fire protection system setups, ensuring your property is fully compliant with safety regulations and prepared for any emergency.

Passive Fire Solutions

Simply Fire’s expertise isn’t limited to installations; ongoing fire alarm system services include regular maintenance and updates to ensure your systems operate flawlessly when it matters most. Their skilled technicians are equipped to handle all aspects of commercial fire alarm company needs, from initial design and installation to continuous support and fire passive protection. Trust Simply Fire to deliver reliable commercial fire protection services that keep your business, employees, and assets safe from fire risks.

Fire Extinguisher Testing

Expert Farm Accounting and Chartered Accountants in Christchurch and Canterbury.

27 Jun 2024

R J Preston Ltd stands as an experienced and reliable partner in managing the financial needs of Canterbury’s agricultural community. With a deep understanding of farm accounting, this firm offers specialised services such as farm succession planning, tax compliance, and seasonal budgeting to ensure your agricultural business prospers. Their team empathises with the unique challenges faced by farmers, providing tailored solutions to help you navigate the complexities of farm tax compliance and financial planning in Christchurch.

Small Business Accountants Christchurch

In addition to their agricultural expertise, R J Preston Ltd also caters to the broader business community in Christchurch and Canterbury. Whether you’re a small business owner seeking practical accounting advice or need assistance with company and trust setup, their chartered accountants are equipped to handle diverse financial needs. From managing GST returns, income tax, and PAYE to providing robust bookkeeping services, R J Preston Ltd ensures your financial matters are in expert hands, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Canterbury Accountants

Committed to client satisfaction and community support, R J Preston Ltd takes pride in their proactive approach to client relationships and local involvement. Their quarterly newsletters deliver timely insights on financial planning, taxation tips, and farm benchmarking data to keep you informed and ahead of market changes. Plus, their active participation in community events, such as the Corporate Duck Race for the Life Education Trust, underscores their dedication to both their clients and the wider community. Contact R J Preston Ltd to schedule your free consultation and experience the benefits of working with a team that truly understands your financial needs.

Accounting Services Christchurch

MetroMart: Your Local, Convenient Choice for Groceries in Christchurch. Open 24 Hours.

26 Jun 2024

MetroMart, a locally owned and operated convenience store brand, was founded in Christchurch in 2014 by James Godinet. Conveniently located at Head Office, Shop 6, 113 Worcester Street, Cathedral Junction, Christchurch, MetroMart is renowned for offering quality products at great prices paired with exceptional customer service. Open 24 hours, this convenience store aims to cater to the needs of Christchurch residents “on the go,” ensuring you have access to all your essentials, any time of the day or night.

Metro Mart Oxford Terrace

Each MetroMart store, including the one on Oxford Terrace, maintains the high standards on which the brand was built. Whether you're stocking up on groceries, dairy products, or last-minute household items, MetroMart makes the experience seamless and hassle-free. MetroMart is also known for its special offers, like the popular "2 Dollar Tuesday," adding extra value to your shopping experience.

Convenience Store Franchise In Christchurch

For those considering entering the convenience store market, MetroMart offers attractive franchise opportunities. With a proven business model and a strong reputation in Christchurch and Dunedin, potential franchisees can learn from MetroMart on how to start a successful dairy shop in New Zealand. Explore franchise opportunities in Christchurch and contribute to the success of a trusted brand while serving your community. MetroMart also partners with reliable delivery services, making it easier for you to receive quality products right at your doorstep.

Metromart Franchise Opportunities

"Straight Cut Intumescent Ltd: Exceptional Intumescent Painting & Coating Specialists in Christchurch and Canterbury"

23 Jun 2024

Straight Cut Intumescent Ltd is a Christchurch-based company specialising in intumescent painting and coating solutions throughout Canterbury and the rest of the South Island. They provide industry-leading fire-resistant coatings for steel, timber, and other elements of commercial buildings. By using intumescent coatings, which are specially designed to slow the spread of fire, Straight Cut Intumescent can significantly increase evacuation time in the event of a fire. This extra time can be crucial for aiding in the safe removal of occupants and has the added benefit of providing superior protection for the structural integrity of the building.

Intumescent Coating Solutions Christchurch

The team of professionals at Straight Cut Intumescent Ltd are experienced and highly trained intumescent paint applicators. They have the approval of FireShield, Zone and Altex, and their work is all endorsed with PS3 certification for building compliance. Their services not only include intumescent painting for wood and steel but also extend to fire protection coatings and fire safety coatings within Canterbury. The safety and satisfaction of their clients is their highest priority, providing a reliable and efficient service that meets all safety standards and regulations.

Intumescent Paint For Steel Canterbury

Whether customers need intumescent coating solutions for timber or steel frames in commercial buildings, they are the right experts to consult. This advanced fire-resistant paint for steel, and intumescent paint for timber, plays a vital role in passive fire protection within Christchurch and beyond. They are also happy to provide more information on their paint coatings, the equipment used by their applicators, coating thickness results, certification and other related concerns. With Straight Cut Intumescent Ltd, customer enquiries are handled promptly, and potential customers are always welcome to call in or send a message to discuss their specific requirements. Their track record confirms the quality, professionalism, and dedication they deliver in every project, making them the preferred choice for intumescent painting contractors in Christchurch.

Fire Protection Coatings Canterbury

"Explore Church Corner Cycles: Your Christchurch Hub for Cycle Repairs, Accessories, and Premium Bikes"

22 Jun 2024

Church Corner Cycles is the definitive destination in Christchurch when it comes to all things cycling. Whether you're in need of a quick and reliable bike repair, thinking about upgrading your current ride, or just starting your journey into the cycling world, the friendly and knowledgeable team at Church Corner Cycles have got your needs covered. The family-owned and operated business not only offers a wide array of new and used road bikes, off-road bikes, e-bikes, and kids bikes, but also provides a comprehensive bike service in Christchurch that boasts an onsite large workshop.

Bike Repair Shop Christchurch

Located conveniently at 355 Riccarton Road, Upper Riccarton, Christchurch, Church Corner Cycles is well-stocked with bike accessories and parts to meet all your cycling needs. Be it bike tyres for an adventurous off-road expedition or a vibrant new helmet for your child's first bicycle, Church Corner Cycles has a range of accessories to cater to your unique requirements. Unavailable items can also be quickly sourced ensuring you never miss a pedal stroke.

Electric Bike Shop Christchurch

Apart from being a premier bike store in Christchurch, Church Corner Cycles also champions the local cycling community, offering insights into the best local rides. Whether it's the family-friendly bike trails, thrilling hill country mountain biking challenge trails, or the competitive road racing routes, Church Corner Cycles is your guide to exhilarating rides in Christchurch. So whatever your cycling needs may be, trust Church Corner Cycles to make your cycling experience rewarding and enjoyable.

Bike Parts Christchurch